Entrepreneurial Thinking at HCC

At HCC we have intentionally embedded tasks that build an enterprising mindset in our students, from the early years and right through to the end of their senior schooling. A meaningful way of developing these skills and attitudes in students is through a hands-on project. At the beginning of 2020, many of these projects looked as you would expect – with the traditional “set up a business stall at lunchtime” model.

Now, we have had many of our assumptions thoroughly tested.  These slides from a pitch, presented by some students in a Year 8 class capture the situation (and their attitude towards it) perfectly. The students are determined to adapt their business ideas and create an opportunity to take their products and services to market.  We are combining these small businesses together, and launching an online Mini Market to our HCC community soon.

We would like to open this opportunity up to other students at HCC too.  There is a group set up in Microsoft Teams, and so if you would like a stall at our Online Mini Market, please email Mrs Douglas at christina.douglas@hcc.vic.edu.au for more details.

More information regarding how you can “shop” at our Online Mini Market soon.  We will be open in time for Mother’s Day.


Christina Douglas

Careers, Business & Entrepreneurship Teacher

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