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When we grow in our confidence and self-esteem as adults, it is much easier to model and teach this to our children. When we are positive about our bodies, exercise and healthy eating, children will pick up on these messages that we are sending. Promoting positive self-worth and body image starts with us.

When we can love and care for ourselves, we model this to the young people around us. A positive body image means being kind to ourselves and learning to love ourselves even when we might not feel ‘great’ about ourselves, because our worth and identity comes from deep within us, and from our Creator who made us marvelously, Body and soul, I am marvelously made! (Psalm 139:14 MSG).

Similarly, when we can share our feelings, be vulnerable and even admit when we as adults make mistakes and need help, then it gives our children permission to make mistakes and ask for help in every area of their wellbeing.

We know that as adults when we receive empathy and encouragement from another, we feel heard, understood, and affirmed. Recognising that this is a basic need and learning to receive this is part of our self-care and then makes it much easier to practise this with our families.

This article from the butterfly foundation discusses and gives some more tips on how we as parents can model this with our children by talking positively about ourselves, encouraging them in their self-worth and identity, and creating space for them to talk about their feelings.

If you need any further information or support please contact the Wellbeing team. 

Katie McKillop
Chaplain/HCC Wellbeing Team