Maths Shine Program

When does a Flaff times a Swiff equal a Gropityflarm? When Allen Dickson is enriching our Maths during Shine classes of course! No, it’s not the latest Dr Seuss story! Mr Dickson is just passionate about enrichment and extension.

During his recent visit, the students were looking at how coding connects with matrices:

First, they had to problem-solve the role that each colour played in coding the robot. 

Then they built coloured paths and loops that programmed the little cars to move from one point to another. 

Finally, they realised the interconnectedness of each path, in that each ‘start’ had eight potential programs that could utilise the colours in other students’ programs… a thoroughly thought-provoking and hands-on Mathematical experience!

Allen Dickson
Maths Shine Teacher

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