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Shine Program - English and Maths

Shine, our Primary school enrichment and extension program, kicked off again for 2023 when Mr Dickson visited us last week. He spent two days working with all of our Grade 3-6 students, one day in English and the other in Maths.


The English workshop had students visit New Lexico, a land where words are used as currency. Students met characters like Ana Gram, Lexi Spelt and Al Literation… before discovering who was responsible for robbing the Wordbank.


In Maths we explored axioms and the probability of being a ‘loser’ (in the mathematical sense of the word). Through probability and statistics, students discovered that it actually is hard to be a loser – God has made us too well!


These were ‘enrichment’ workshops where all of the students were given a ‘different’ take on the subject… something that makes them realise that the subject can be broader than what they traditionally think. Next term, Mr Dickson will be taking select students for ‘extension’ workshops where the students who show gifting, talent and passion for English or Maths are pushed and challenged. We look forward to seeing just where this will take them!