Scholarship Information

At Heatherton Christian College we want to see students flourish. Our annual scholarship program seeks to recognise and encourage students’ spiritual, physical and academic development, as we know God gives students different gifts and abilities.

Scholarship recipients are required to uphold the Heatherton values and pursue their education at the College with enthusiasm and commitment.

Scholarships on offer

Academic Scholarship – awarded to students who excel academically.

Christian Leadership Scholarship – recognises students who demonstrate their commitment to God through strong faith, integrity and a commitment to a local church community.

Scholarships provide a percentage discount of up to 50% off tuition fees, as determined by the Executive Principal.

Who can apply?

• Current and prospective* students entering Year 10 in 2024 may apply for the Academic Scholarship and or the Christian Leadership Scholarship.

• Students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents or on funded temporary VISAs.

Scholarship Criteria

Academic Scholarship

• For students entering Year 10 in 2024.

• Scholarships are awarded on the basis of an academic examination using objective measures provided by ACER.

• Evidence of previous academic results, including school reports, awards and references.

• Interview with the Head of Campus.


Christian Leadership Scholarship

• For students entering Year 10 in 2024.

• Commitment to their Christian faith.

• Regular and active involvement in a local Church.

• Commitment to personal integrity and Christian character.

• Demonstrates servant leadership.

• Interview with the Head of Campus.


How to Apply

1. Fill out the relevant application form.

2. Provide supporting documents:

3. Pay the application fee of $50 per student, per application.

4. Short-listed applicants will be invited to an interview with the Head of Campus if required.


Key Dates

• Scholarship applications due: Friday 16 June 2023.

• Academic Scholarship Examination held: Saturday 15 July 2023.

• Shortlisted students will be invited for an interview with the Head of Campus in July 2023.


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Please refer below to the 2 scholarships we offer:

Academic Scholarship

Christian Leadership Scholarship