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2022 EP Science Championships (15-22 August)
Students participated in the Education Perfect Science Championships with the following results:
  • 1st in Victoria in the 101-250 students’ category out of 60 schools.
  • 1st in Australia in the 101-250 students’ category out of 219 schools.

Congratulations and thank you to all the students who entered and contributed points to the school.

The top ten scorers from HCC were: Addison Shaw, Luke Douglas, Teresa Anthony, Svetlana Riordan, Kyle Baillie, Nathan Faure, Hannah Thompson, Elliot Johnson, Luke Faure, Oliver Reith.

Disappearing Glass 

For a Science Week activity, the Year 8s discovered that they could make glass ‘disappear’ by submerging a glass stirring rod in a measuring cylinder of cooking oil. Because the glass rod and the oil had the same refractive index, the submerged part of the rod was indistinguishable from the oil:


Thank you to Mrs Sarah Bergen, our laboratory assistant, for taking the photos.