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Christian Education

As well as producing students who will “Strive for Excellence” in their academic studies, Christway College truly seeks to work with our children and families in helping them develop as people of character and faith. We strive to be an authentic Christian community living in alignment with Christian values and Biblical principles. 

We place an emphasis on students learning about and exploring a personal Christian faith and what it means to be a Christian in the modern world.

We are focused on living authentically in line with our faith and putting our “Faith into action” – as shown by our Christian Life classes throughout the year levels, Student Chapel services at the Primary and Secondary levels, emphasis on “Servant Leadership” throughout the College for students and staff, student-led fundraising for various charities and providing opportunities for our senior secondary students to serve on mission trips (with students in Years 10-12 embarking on annual trips to Melbourne City, Northern Queensland and Thailand).

21st Anniversary Celebration Video