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Vision & Values

Vision Statement

“Growing in Christ, Striving for Excellence, Influencing the World”

Mission Statement

Christway College is a high quality, contemporary Christian school where we honour God and put Jesus at the centre of all we do.

We produce students who have a strong Christian faith and the capability and desire to positively influence the world around them. We earnestly help and encourage our students to develop the skills and mindsets needed for a purposeful and meaningful life in a changing world, including an innovative and enterprising mindset, initiative, a strong work ethic, empathy and a growing capacity to lead and serve others.

Through our strategic programs and wide ranging learning opportunities, our students grow and flourish through our, “Five foundations of a whole, healthy, Christway child” framework. That is, they will grow spiritually, emotionally, academically, physically and socially. This is enhanced as they strive for excellence to develop and use their God given passions and talents.


Christway College is an expression of the life of the Kingston City Church which serves God in

  • Winning souls for the Kingdom of God
  • Caring for them at the point of felt need
  • Training them for life and the work of ministry


The College exists to achieve these for children in the context of an educational environment. This process involves the whole person, physical, mental and spiritual so that every student reaches their maximum potential and should become mature, stable, creative and knowledgeable citizens of the wider community.

The philosophy of the Christway College is based upon:

  • A Pentecostal, charismatic, and evangelical view of the scriptures in harmony with the mainstream of Christian doctrine.
  • An efficient and exciting approach to the learning process in which excellence of education is paramount so that each child will reach their potential.
  • A disciplined environment to facilitate the educational process with due regard to common courtesies, well mannered behaviour and strong social interaction.
  • An awareness and responsibility towards the wider community yet at the same time protecting the students from destructive influences.


These issues can only be fully achieved as the College works in harmony with parents and church. The College is therefore aimed primarily to serve those families who attend a Christian Church.

Democratic Principles

Christway College was established in 1999 within the guidelines for the establishment of a school within the State of Victoria. The College is committed to compliance with State and Federal Law and adherence to the policies and expectations of legally appointed authorities that oversee the operation of educational institutions in this State. In this regard, we recognise:

  1. The principle of elected government at Federal, State and local levels of government.
  2. The rule of Law, and the right of the parliament and legal authorities to make and enforce compliance with that Law.
  3. The equal rights of all people before the Law.
  4. The freedom of religion
  5. The freedom of speech and association
  6. The values of openness, inclusion and tolerance