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College Leadership

The College Executive is the senior leadership team of the College. Members of the College Executive are appointed by the Executive Principal. The College Executive comprises both primary and secondary staff leadership representatives and meets regularly to discuss and plan for a variety of issues within the College. A highlight of the year is our annual College Executive retreat. This is a time when the Executive team get away together as a team to pray, plan and focus on the year ahead. It is always a special time. It is a privilege leading such an experienced, inspirational team of leaders.

The operation of the College is led by our Head of Campus, Jason Burgess with the Senior Leadership team made up of:

  • Jason Burgess (Head of Campus)
  • Pete Bunyon (Head of Primary)
  • Darren John (Head of Secondary)
  • Dishan Rajaratnam (Business Manager)


Our Head of Schools are:

  • Angelique Meyer-Du-Bruyn (Assistant Head of Primary)
  • Christy Marshall (Middle Years)
  • Jessica de Zilva (Senior Years)
Senior Leadership Team

Damian Higgins

Executive Principal

Jason Burgess

Head of Campus

Dishan Rajaratnam

Business Manager

Darren John

Head of Secondary

Pete Bunyon

Head of Primary

Heads of Schools

Angelique Meyer-du-Bruyn

Assistant Head of Primary

Christy Marshall

Middle Years (Yrs 7 - 9)

Jessica de Zilva

Senior Years (Yrs 10 - 12)

Student Support

Paul Wheel

Head of Student Wellbeing

Ilodi Jacobs

Head of Learning Support