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Heatherton Christian College offers international students a high-quality primary and secondary schooling, leading to the award of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) upon the completion of Year 12. The course is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards up to Year 9 and then the VCE, both developed and supported by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Full details of the course are available in the School’s handbooks.

International students enjoy facilities of a high quality catering to the curricular and extra-curricular needs of students. HCC uses a wide range of teaching and assessment methods. Further information is contained in the School’s prospectus. Additional individual English classes are available with qualified English teachers at the school.

Application may be made directly to the School. Students applying for entry are required to have English language proficiency appropriate to the level of entry sought. As guidance, an IELTS score of 5 would be appropriate for entry into Year 10. The School will arrange an English proficiency test upon application and may require some ELICOS study before entry.

Primary school students will only be enrolled if they provide the School documentary evidence from a passport that they are the child of a full fee paying the overseas student, or they are cared for in the home of a parent. Such documentation will be kept on file by the School.

Every student admitted to Heatherton Christian College is accepted on the condition that all fees shall be paid by the due date. The Enrolment fee, the first year ’s terms’ Tuition Fee, and the first year’s Homestay Fee must be paid and evidence of health cover sighted before a student can commence.


Heatherton Christian College has no formal agreement in place with any particular agency, nor do we actively seek out overseas students or promote ourselves in other countries. We are a school primarily intended for students from Christian families in Australia. However, the College has determined to make a limited number of places available to students from other countries, including children of overseas students at other educational institutions, whose families are strongly oriented towards Christian education.

“As stated, we do not actively seek out International Students to fill these positions, but have them available for students and families  that may approach the school.”


International students need to have a reasonable command of English appropriate to their level of general education. A student’s English skills must be sufficient in order to cope in a class situation at the appropriate Year level.   Where the student’s English is deficient, the College may require the student to complete an ESL course before commencing studies here or concurrent with their studies here. The College does not provide any formal ESL courses and in such cases it will be the responsibility of the student or parents to find an appropriate program.

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