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Welcome to Secondary

At Christway College, we believe that every child is unique and created in the image of God. We understand that God has a plan and a purpose for each and every student and that we have a responsibility, working in partnership with our students and parents, to assist our students to discover and develop the gifts, talents and a sense of their God given purpose which will help them to fulfil the plans that He has for them.

In the classroom

It is the desire and the prayer of each teacher that our students will reach their highest potential in every area. Our “Five Foundations of a Whole Child” provides the framework upon which our curricular and co-curricular programs operate. 

These programs make up a range of “pathways” and an “Individualised Senior school Learning Plan”, leading to our VCE and VET subject offerings, and beyond into their chosen course of tertiary study or post school, vocation.

Middle School
Our Year 7 & 8 curriculum program consists of both core (compulsory) subjects, as well as the opportunity for students to study two elective subjects each semester over Year 7 & 8. Studies in electives are hands-on and provide for developing a range of skills as well as knowledge. Students will often be in multi age classes within our elective program and Interschool Sport, further enhancing the sense of connection and community.

Our Year 9 curriculum program also consists of both core (compulsory) subjects and elective units of study each semester. Careers and Vocational studies begin in Year 9 to help shape and guide students’ thoughts on future educational pathways, based on a greater understanding of their God given strengths, giftings, passions and purpose. This, along with their involvement in the “Year of Challenge” program allows students to explore their faith and begin to formulate an individualised learning plan through to Year 12 and beyond.

Students particularly benefit from the Year of Challenge program (Year 9), growing in their character, relationships and understanding of leading themselves and others through the four major challenges they undertake over the year – a Wilderness camp challenge, City project challenge, Community and Social service challenge, and a Physical challenge (100km bike ride).

Senior School

The Senior School program runs from Year 10 to 12 with students developing and implementing their Individualised Senior School Learning Plan.

Students are increasingly taught to take on greater responsibility and independence in their studies, whilst being guided and assisted by their teachers, coordinators and Careers mentors. Through our culture and learning programs, we aim to produce ethical, global citizens with Christ-like hearts who will indeed “influence the world”.

Year 10 students undertake studies in their core (compulsory) subjects and 2 elective subjects. The elective choices may be made up of a combination of single semester subjects, or year-long subjects. Through their learning plan, students have the opportunity to begin their VCE in Year 10 by studying a Unit 1 / 2 subject either onsite or remotely (through the Virtual School, Victoria) or students can also elect to take on the study of VET programs, either on or off campus.

The Senior Phase of Learning is both a challenging and exciting journey for young adults. In Years 11 and 12 students step into the pathways that will lead them into the world beyond schooling. During this journey, students develop their whole selves – academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically as they participate in College life. It is our goal to assist students to grow in their character, their faith, and their learning.


The VCE is a well recognised and valuable acknowledgement of achievement for Victorian students. Successful completion of the VCE provides students with an opportunity to seek direct access to tertiary institutions as well as providing information to employers about a range of skills that students possess, including such things as an ability to cope with a range of complex tasks, meet deadlines, work independently and interdependently and to learn and be able to apply knowledge and skills to various problems.

Although VCE can come across as daunting, we are committed to helping and supporting your child achieve their best.

Additional Resources

Extra Curricular

Our students are encouraged to engage in language, camps, music, sport and performing arts programs. These combined with our literacy and numeracy programs helps to develop them as a whole person. There is a focus on leadership and Christian character development and we encourage them to be examples to their fellow students in Primary.

Sport & Physical Education

Sport and Physical Education provide valuable growth experiences for our students, as well as being part of our “Health and Wellbeing” Strategic Priority.


Our students have the opportunity to participate in camp programs aimed at self-discovery, spiritual growth, and personal and leadership development.

Leadership Development

Student Leadership development and opportunities occurs throughout the College in both formal and informal ways.

Performing Arts

The Arts play an important role in the life of the College with students having the opportunity to regularly perform in various concerts, chapel and other events including our yearly College Musical.

E School

In the Year 7 to 9 E School, students will apply enterprise thinking and entrepreneurial skills to innovatively, creatively and ethically solve real world problems and communicate these solutions. Along the way, they will develop an understanding of economics, business and leadership, plan and set up businesses as appropriate, all while building skills to work independently and collaboratively with others.


Our incredible industrial kitchen facilities allow students to be trained for a hospitality pathway. They learn essential cooking, service, hospitality skills and knowledge, and how to work as a team under pressure.

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