Executive Principal's Welcome

I joined Heatherton Christian College as one of the inaugural Primary school teachers when it first opened in 1999. Prior to this, I had taught for 10 years in the Victorian state education system. I was appointed as the Principal of Heatherton Christian College in 2001 so this makes 2021 my 21st year as Principal / Executive Principal and 23rd year on staff. The school began with 27 students and, when appointed Principal, we had an enrolment of about 60 students and had not yet commenced secondary education. Over the next 19 years, it was a pleasure to lead Heatherton Christian College and to see the school flourish and grow into a thriving, well resourced, Prep-Year 12 school. 2019 marked a significant change in my role as, with the launch of our second campus, Wyndham Christian College, I became Executive Principal over both Heatherton Christian College and Wyndham Christian College. I am now supported in my role by two wonderful Heads of Campus – Mr Phil Eastman (Heatherton CC) and Mrs Jennifer Trodden (Wyndham CC). Phil, Jen and I work extremely closely in planning together for the future growth and development of both campuses. My role now involves me spending part of the week at each campus. I am passionate about both Heatherton Christian College and Wyndham Christian College and absolutely love moving between the two campuses. The students, staff and school community each contribute towards creating a truly unique educational environment, all undergirded by a strong Christian foundation. There is something really special about both schools and the Lord is clearly at work in them. One of my greatest joys is leading the annual Heatherton Christian College Year 12 missions’ trip to Thailand where our students have the opportunity to put into practice all they have learnt in looking to serve and make a difference to others. I am also a long-suffering St Kilda supporter, enjoy jogging and have completed three full Melbourne marathons. We look forward to talking with you and showing you our wonderful school. Peter Cliffe Executive Principal B.Ed, Dip.Tch, M.Ed (L/ship)

Head of Campus Welcome

Heatherton Christian College is an established, high quality, contemporary Christian school where we seek to partner with our families in raising children of strong character and faith. Our intention is to be an authentic, vibrant, community that lives out its Christian values – we do not want to be Christian by name only.

There is a very positive and calm feel to the school – but plenty of energy, good learning and a broad range of activities are always happening! Visiting parents frequently comment on the friendly, courteous and engaged nature of our students. The students are challenged to be active rather than passive participants in the learning process, and to take greater responsibility for their learning as they move up through the college. Our staff are skilled in guiding the learning process and truly see their work as a calling rather than simply as a job – it is a fantastic place to work.

This is now my 15th year at Heatherton Christian College and I love that we are increasingly moving forward, looking to reflect on what we do and how we can best prepare our students with the necessary skills, knowledge and mindsets for living lives of meaning and purpose in a changing world. Our size enables students to feel connected, safe, well cared for and accepted by others across the different year levels. We know our students well and are then ‘agile’ enough to respond to their needs. We also know from experience that students have different learning needs, strengths and passions so we seek to help them build on these as they plan and implement an individualised learning pathway through the middle and senior levels of Secondary school.

At Heatherton, we have a history of offering innovative learning programs and this will be continued into 2021 when we launch our new “E School” experience for Year 7 to 9 students. There is more on the “E School” (which stands for Entrepreneurial and Enterprise School) in other parts of the website and we are very excited to see the enhanced outcomes for the students as they move through this program.

I am very grateful to be a part of the unfolding Heatherton story, where we hold onto the timeless truths of the Gospels, whilst looking ahead to provide students with skills, knowledge and mindsets they will need to truly live out our vision of “Growing in Christ, Striving for excellence, Influencing the world”.

We hope that you will come and see what is happening here at Heatherton Christian College as you consider the future education and character journey for your child.

Phil Eastman

Head of Campus

B. Ed, Grad Dip Sports Science, M. Ed

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