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Christway Alumni Stories

Joshua Ratten

Looking back, I realise how blessed I am to have studied in a community that not only builds up students academically, but also in their faith. I started at HCC in Year 7 and graduated in 2017. I am deeply thankful to all the teachers and staff at HCC for their contribution to the HCC community. 

Following the Year 12 exams, I went on the HCC Thailand Mission Trip. It was an amazing experience, and a very rewarding way to celebrate the end of exams whilst serving in another country. I have many fond memories of wandering the night markets in Chiang Mai, searching for the cheapest T-shirts and souvenirs. However, serving in a local school in a remote village was by far the highlight of the trip for me. 

Currently, I am studying a double degree in Engineering and Science at Monash University. This is a five-year full-time course, and I plan on specialising in electrical and computer systems engineering. So far, the course has been rewarding yet fast-paced. I have enjoyed both studying and working at Monash while being exposed to the various engineering disciplines. It does not take long to get accustomed to the month-long semester break and three-month-long end of year break. I still have another four and a half years to complete, after which I will see where God leads me.

Sarah Griffin

I attended Heatherton since Grade 5 and graduated in 2016. During my time at Heatherton, I was blessed to be academically and spiritually supported by some fantastic teachers who contributed to who I am today.

As I have always been interested in pursuing an unorthodox and unique future and career. In the final year of my studies, I applied and was selected to study at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra to be a Royal Australian Air Force Officer. As part of my studies, I am required to undertake an undergraduate degree and chose a Bachelor of Business at UNSW Canberra. ADFA is both a military and academic institution, and I have been constantly engaged and fascinated by the myriad of domains, from leadership and professional development, to niche areas such as cybersecurity and military ethics.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two years at ADFA, as not only is the work fulfilling and sates my desire to learn, I have made lifelong friends, and been blessed with opportunities both nationally and internationally to represent Defence, while having the means and freedom to be independent and travel. I am also part of a great Christian young adults group and church through ADFA, and they have been a big support and influence as I progress through my journey.

Upon graduation from ADFA in 2019, I intend on being posted to Darwin or Brisbane as a Personnel Capability Officer and am excited for my future prospects in Defence and beyond. I am grateful for the influence Heatherton had in shaping my character and I trust that God will continue to bless the school in all its endeavours.

Trent Raymond

It is such an honour to be asked to write about my life after school at Heatherton. I had been at HCC since I was in Prep (2006) and finished Year 12 in 2018. Looking back over the years, remembering all the memories and lifelong friendships made, brings back fond memories that I will always treasure. Heatherton not only helped with my education, but also helped me grow spiritually. 

When I was given the opportunity to attend Missions trips in Year 10, 11 and 12, I soon realised my heart and passion was to see others know Christ. I felt God calling me to ministry, which is not what I would have chosen in the natural. However, I chose to obey the call and pursue my passion and have joined Hillsong Bible College in Sydney. I am currently doing a Bachelor of Theology not knowing what lay ahead. The journey sometimes feels daunting, but I am taking a step of faith and trusting in Him.

I am thankful to HCC and all the teachers I had throughout my 13 years. Their belief in me, encouragement, prayers and support are some of the factors that helped me make this decision. I pray the seed HCC has sown into my life will bear fruit and touch many other lives. Thank you, HCC, and congratulations on 21 years!

Aimee John

Life after school has started very excitingly for me! I was at Heatherton from Grade 1 to graduating in 2017. During my final year at HCC, I knew what I wanted to do succeeding graduation and what I needed to do to get there, with help from the teachers. At the start of this year I began studying a Certificate III Animal Studies to start my journey on becoming a veterinary nurse. I have been doing this course online which has many advantages and disadvantages, but I chose to study this way because it fit in best with the rest of my busy schedule.

Although I have a passion for animals, my biggest passion is performing. I have been involved in three musicals this year. The Hatpin with Waterdale in July was a beautifully heartbreaking story from Australian history that will go down as one of my favourite performing experiences (see photo). I also helped choreograph a junior production of High School Musical in July and lastly, I danced and sang in the ensemble of Fab Nob’s Witches of Eastwick in October. It has been amazing being able to pursue two of my passions simultaneously.

While all this has been happening, our family moved churches to Stairway after being at the same church for about fifteen years. We have loved connecting into such a community-loving church and get involved in their ministries. I have been able to join the dance team and help lead worship through the creative expression of dance.

Currently I am studying Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, as well as continuing to perform. I am excited to pursue my many passions in the coming years and I believe God will open all the right doors for me.

Jemma Smith

I can’t believe it has already been a year since I left HCC! In one breath, it feels like I was there just yesterday, while in another, it feels like forever. My years at Heatherton are ones I will never forget and have given me so many great opportunities for my life now and in the future.

Since leaving Heatherton I started working as a receptionist at a dental practice close to home and also started a new position working at Heatherton as a wellbeing coach with some Year 8 students.

In addition to this, I am studying a Bachelor of Education specialising in Primary and Secondary at Monash University and have just completed my first year of study! For Secondary I hope to teach English and Sociology. Because I have wanted to be a teacher since Grade 2, this is the beginning of the fulfilment of one of my major goals in life!

I was also asked to join the team of youth leaders at Revival Youth in Kingston City Church at the end of last year and now am one of the small group leaders, co-leading a group of Year 10 girls. I am also an active member of my church and its Young Adults ministry. Being a part of this group has challenged me, while also strengthening my relationship with God, encouraging me to draw nearer to Him.

All my endeavours this past year have brought me out of my comfort zone and given me the confidence and skills that will help in my future as a teacher and whatever other roles God has for me. I am excited to see what lies ahead and eager to start working as a teacher in the next four years. Who knows, maybe I’ll even end up back at Heatherton!

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