2020 College fees and related charges.

These fees apply to Heatherton Christian College only.

 Year LevelCollege Tuition Fee
1st ChildYRS P to 6$5,535
2nd ChildYRS P to 6$4,704
3rd ChildYRS P to 6$3,874
4th ChildYRS P to 6$0
1st ChildYRS 7 & 8$6,739
2nd ChildYRS 7 & 8$5,728
3rd ChildYRS 7 & 8$4,717
1st ChildYRS 9 & 10$7019
2nd ChildYRS 9 & 10$5,966
3rd ChildYRS 9 &10$4,913
1st ChildYRS 11 & 12$7,581
2nd ChildYRS 11 & 12$6,444
3rd ChildYRS 11 & 12$5,307
Building Levy (per student) – is used to help fund our ongoing building development.
1st ChildYRS P to 12$325
2nd ChildYRS P to 12$275
3rd ChildYRS P to 12$250
4th ChildYRS P to 12$225
Year LevelCamp Fee

Resource Levy

Elective Deposit 
(refunded depending on elective choices completed)
Missions Trip
YR 1$0.00$145.00  
YR 2$0.00$145.00  
YR 3$350.00$145.00  
YR 4$350.00$145.00  
YR 5$410.00$145.00  
YR 6$410.00$265.00  
YR 7$585.00$700.00$450.00 
YR 8$585.00$480.00$450.00 
YR 9$635.00$545.00$400.00 
YR 10$585.00$345.00$400.00$1300.00
YR 11$585.00$300.00$200.00$170.00
YR 12$0.00$500.00$200.000
Overseas StudentsYear LevelSchool Fee
PER ChildYRS P to 6$17,000
PER ChildYRS 7 & 8$18,000
PER ChildYRS 9 & 10$19,000
PER ChildYRS 11 & 12$20,000
Enrolment Fee (per student):Local $350 | Overseas $700
Technology Levy (per student):$150
Working Bee Charge (per family):$150 (refunded if attend 2 Working Bees per year)

Please Note:  A 5% discount is offered on school fee tuition only, if the years’ tuition fees are paid in full by January 31.


Parents are advised that as a condition of enrolment, you must give a minimum of one term’s notice (in writing) to the Head of Campus or Executive Principal, if you decide to remove your child/ren from the College. Verbal communication is not accepted nor is communication to staff other than the Head of Campus or Executive Principal. This is standard practice in most independent schools. If this written notice is not provided, one term’s fees will be charged.

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