HCC Alumni

We love to share stories of our alumni and their journey at, and beyond, HCC. We hope you enjoy Aaron’s story below. 

Your time at HCC

  • What year did you graduate: 2011
  • How long were you at HCC: I commenced at HCC in Grade 6 (2005). 
  • What would you say the highlight of attending HCC was for you: A distinct highlight has always been the Year 10 YWAM trip to Townsville and Palm Island. Outside of that, another highlight has to be the long-term friendships I built at HCC. 
  • What lessons did you take away: An immediate lesson came after graduating Year 12 and realising that it took a lot more than just academics to be resilient and independent, and I had a great sense that the staff at HCC had done all they could to prepare myself and my peers for whichever path we took after school.  

Post-school journey

I started off with a Bachelor of IT (Network Design and Security) at Swinburne University straight out of high school. I changed programs after the first semester to a Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) at RMIT, from which I graduated in 2015. I changed courses because I soon realised I couldn’t see myself working long term in the IT field. When I started in the Economic and Finance program at RMIT, I had a much more fulfilling and engaging experience right away; I knew that course was going to be for me.

Two years after graduating high school, I got my first job in the finance sector while I was studying, I worked part-time during the day and attended classes in the evenings with a full-time load. I have remained in the banking and finance sector for the last 8 years. Currently, I work as a Relationship Manager (Commercial Banking) for the Catholic Development Fund.

 In a way I have a great sense that God had a plan for me after high school as He opened doors to things that I loved and allowed me to utilise my talents – this continues to happen even today. Like I did in high school, I have had great mentors throughout my journey at university and now at work who God has placed in my life and I know I am where I am meant to be. 


Anything else you would like to add or inform current students and parents

For current students, I would give this advice from my own experience and that of many of my peers throughout my academic and working journey. The path you take following high school is not prescriptive or linear, it will look similar for a lot of your peers but rest assured that God has a plan for you if yours doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Be patient in the waiting and resilient in the process of finding out what that plan is, God will be faithful as you follow Him.

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