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We love to share stories of our alumni and their journey at, and beyond, HCC. We hope you enjoy Katelyn’s story below. 

Your time at HCC

  • What year did you graduate: 2011

  • How long were you at HCC: Since Year 4 – Year 12

  • I enjoyed the cross-cultural experiences I had at Heatherton, with the trip to Palm Island in Qld, as well as the experiences I had during Outdoor ED activities in year 9. The experiences that I was brought to pushed me outside my comfort zone and challenged my understanding of what I thought I was capable of. They instilled in me a strong sense of adventure, trust in God and the value of good friendships. I get to do what I do today because I was grounded in that then. 

Post-school journey

I went to university and studied Nursing. I also took a year off to go and completed a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM Townsville. 

I have been working in an Emergency Department for 5 years. This year, my 6th year of nursing, I have been working part time in the Emergency Department as well as with the Department of Health COVID response team. This week I am currently working in Mildura to support their ED after a COVID outbreak furloughed the hospital staff. 

I also am soon to complete my Masters of Public Health that I commenced in 2019. I am largely interested in global health and the impact that preventable disease has on communities. I am looking forward to being able to combine my nursing and public health qualifications soon. 

Over the last 10 years since graduating, I have been able to do some work with Medical ships around the world, including in Senegal and Papua New Guinea. Living on board ships and nursing in other languages and cultures has its challenges, but I believe it is important to remain connected and share life with people. Some of my other work experience has taken me to other parts of the Pacific and Southeast Asia. My faith has been a strong driver to some of these experiences. 


Anything else you would like to add or share with current students and parents

Many years ago, I spoke to the student body at Heatherton and told them that our circumstances do not determine who we will become. Our faith in God and a willingness to have a go, be courageous and strong are much stronger drivers in our life than the circumstances that determine where we are now. Anything is possible if you trust God and never give up hope. So my encouragement to parents and students is to give life a go, have faith and enjoy it!