Music at HCC

Welcome back to Term 3! Again it is an environment that’s a little different from what we expected. A highlight from the last term was to see so much improvement from our music students when they returned to face-to-face learning. It was exciting to see the commitment and diligence of students across all year levels. This was […]

Community Care at HCC – Supporting Family Businesses

We realise that a number of HCC families with businesses are doing it tough at the moment so we would like to help in some small way and garner the support of our HCC community. If you are a small business owner, are still in operation at the moment and could do with some extra […]

Entrepreneurial Thinking at HCC

At HCC we have intentionally embedded tasks that build an enterprising mindset in our students, from the early years and right through to the end of their senior schooling. A meaningful way of developing these skills and attitudes in students is through a hands-on project. At the beginning of 2020, many of these projects looked as […]

Student Essay: We Need to Take More Action against Our Climate Crisis

By Emily Ryan For years we have ignored the serious effects of climate change. We have continued burning fossil fuels which have led to an increased amount of greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) in our atmosphere which has caused the enhanced greenhouse effect. The greenhouse gases in our atmosphere retain heat from the sun and […]